Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fun with Photo Invitations

I have recently discovered the joys of Photo invitations and announcements. They are modern, easy to design and take a whole lot less work than my handmade ones. Less work means faster delivery times and over all less expensive for my clients. They can be pretty much anything you want too because all of the designs are digital. They are so easy and so much fun I decided to do a photo invitation for my son's birth announcements (see above) I always recommend these to my brides that have tight time tables and tight budgets.

Photos used with permission courtesy of Red-feather photography Thanks Kate!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Congratulations to Tasanee and Cory

Congratulations to Tasanee and Cory. The invitations we did turned out fantastic! We did a gorgeous picture invitation with an even more fantastic black gate folded jacket with silver embossed text on the outside.

To save a little on time and money we ordered extra picture invitations that could be sent out with out jackets. They were still beautiful without jackets. I had my baby this month and it was quite the ordeal to get the invitations done with a newborn so I have to say thank you to Tasanee and Cory for their patience.

Congratulations again and Good luck on your wedding next month.