Friday, November 14, 2008

ASU Graduation Announcements

May is rapidly approaching and many of us are getting ready for GRADUATION!!!

Let Raisor Paper help you celebrate
(and collect money from your family and friends)
With our beautiful custom ASU Graduation Announcements.

I don't know if anyone has seen ASU's graduation announcements but can we say "Laaame" It is seriously a regular sheet of paper folded into a card with a picture of "Old Main" on the front and a standard message on the inside where the only thing different from everyone else is your name and degree. I can't believe they think these are nice invitations. They can even take the time to cut the paper to make a card. They just fold it over and hope you won't notice.

Come on people we've worked way to long and hard to have lame graduation invitations.

Tell you all what... as an ASU alumni myself I'm giving all ASU graduates a %10 discount on their invitation order from Raisor Paper. I can assure you they are way better than anything you'll get from ASU.

If you want to save even more money and get rockin invitations ask about our invitation kits where we design, print and cut everything and you put it together. Email us today for more info at Order by May 1st

Here are some samples for your viewing pleasure. Order something you like or ask us to design you a custom invitation but you have to act now May is coming faster than you think.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Congratulations Afton and Sean

I had the pleasure of providing invitations for my sweet little cousin. I still firmly maintain that she is way to young (and in retrospect I'm too old) for her to be getting married already. But when you've found the most terrific guy in the world and you know it's right, then end of discussion.

I had the best time working on these invitations for her she is so sweet and I am so happy for her


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It is almost Graduation time again and to celebrate we are bringing back our %50 off special on Graduation announcements and Invitations. This time around is to honor my Husband's graduation from Arizona State University. (finally)

Any time you get invitations they should be personal and showcase your individual taste and style. Let us create custom handcrafted invitations for your graduation.

Call or email us today to order or 480-628-8508

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Dillards Bridal Show

Today was the dillards bridal adventure bridal show. I snuck into the show on the shirtails of my wonderful friend Kate Lane of Red feather Photography. Unfortunately for me and all the other vendors attending there weren't very many brides that attended, mostly dillards shoppers that were there for the free food. However the show was by no means a total loss. We met tons of wonderful vendors from all over the valley. Check out our link list of vendors for some of the amazing companies we met.

My favorite person/vendor I met at this event would definately have to be Kim Mcdowell of the Event Essentials. This woman is an absolute doll and a joy to talk to. She honestly kept me entertained for the majority of the event. The funny thing about Kim is they she was attending the event to showcase her and stationary invitations. Now people would think that Kim is in "competition" with me but that is definately not the case. No two invitation designers are the same. They each have their own style and designs. I love Kim's style she is completely different and fresh and I love having her as a referral source. Kim also does event planning another referral for my brides. check out her blog at or use or prefered vendor list to track her down. Thanks kim it was great to meet you and I hope we can have a great realtionship in the future.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Graduation Announcements

In honor of my little sisters graduating from high school this month I have decided to shift my focus to graduation announcements and invitations.

I am disgusted at the invitations the schools offer they are so ugly, generic, cheap looking and ridiculously expensive. Graduation announcements should be personal and show off your individual taste and style. They shouldn't be so cheesy and the same as everyone else. You can't get that with the lame-o invitations the schools offer.

So to combat the ugly overpriced school's invitations I am offering %50 off my already discounted invitations to everyone who refuses to settle for anything less than they truly deserve personal unique beautiful invitations.

Call or email us today to order or 480-628-8508

Here are some examples for your viewing pleasure

Remember to mention our blog for %50 off our Graduation Announcements and Invitations

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fun with Photo Invitations

I have recently discovered the joys of Photo invitations and announcements. They are modern, easy to design and take a whole lot less work than my handmade ones. Less work means faster delivery times and over all less expensive for my clients. They can be pretty much anything you want too because all of the designs are digital. They are so easy and so much fun I decided to do a photo invitation for my son's birth announcements (see above) I always recommend these to my brides that have tight time tables and tight budgets.

Photos used with permission courtesy of Red-feather photography Thanks Kate!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Congratulations to Tasanee and Cory

Congratulations to Tasanee and Cory. The invitations we did turned out fantastic! We did a gorgeous picture invitation with an even more fantastic black gate folded jacket with silver embossed text on the outside.

To save a little on time and money we ordered extra picture invitations that could be sent out with out jackets. They were still beautiful without jackets. I had my baby this month and it was quite the ordeal to get the invitations done with a newborn so I have to say thank you to Tasanee and Cory for their patience.

Congratulations again and Good luck on your wedding next month.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Congratulations to Darin and Chelsea!

Congratulations! Darin and Chelsea!

I have been seriously slacking in updating this blog so I decided to pay tribute to some of the weddings I have been blessed to have taken part in.
These beautiful invitations were designed partly by me but mostly by the beautiful bride who wanted the most elegant and unique wedding invitations ever! She did a beautiful job with her design and I was happy just to make them for her.
We did a black outer envelope with all 4 corners folding in ontop of beautiful silver irradescent paper. The bride cleverly included their engagement picture on the end of a silver ribbon that folded up inside the invitation. The envelope was sealed with a beautiful silver sticker of the mesa temple.
I loved doing these invitations they turned out beautifuly!