Friday, November 14, 2008

ASU Graduation Announcements

May is rapidly approaching and many of us are getting ready for GRADUATION!!!

Let Raisor Paper help you celebrate
(and collect money from your family and friends)
With our beautiful custom ASU Graduation Announcements.

I don't know if anyone has seen ASU's graduation announcements but can we say "Laaame" It is seriously a regular sheet of paper folded into a card with a picture of "Old Main" on the front and a standard message on the inside where the only thing different from everyone else is your name and degree. I can't believe they think these are nice invitations. They can even take the time to cut the paper to make a card. They just fold it over and hope you won't notice.

Come on people we've worked way to long and hard to have lame graduation invitations.

Tell you all what... as an ASU alumni myself I'm giving all ASU graduates a %10 discount on their invitation order from Raisor Paper. I can assure you they are way better than anything you'll get from ASU.

If you want to save even more money and get rockin invitations ask about our invitation kits where we design, print and cut everything and you put it together. Email us today for more info at Order by May 1st

Here are some samples for your viewing pleasure. Order something you like or ask us to design you a custom invitation but you have to act now May is coming faster than you think.